Unity3d – One Force on iOS and Android

One Force is available on iOS and Android now

This is the biggest project I have work so far with a group of 8 people including me. We build this game together with the Air Force to promote Singapore Air Force and educate people on the Air Show 2014 held in Singapore. Experience differently when we work on this with some funny problem and restriction but also have a great time working on this. :0

Game Introduction

Build an air force from the ground up in this strategic combat game. From airbases, to aircraft and weapon systems – form the strongest force and battle other players to emerge as the best. Basically, it have some similarity with Clash of Clans. The game itself also have 7 mini-game, scanning function for poster and frequency and facebook sharing capability.

Get it on Appstore and Google Play now!


Code mini games, scanning poster, battle simulation, pitch detector, facebook integration, login system, OBB, store publishing and etc.

Tool Used          : Unity3d
Plugin Used      : Vurforia, ECPN, Facebook and Flurry.
Language used : C#

12  534



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