Unity3d – Imaginate for FYP

Imaginate – Build and Race

My final year game project. It suppose to be a Meccano Builder Kit, not a game but at that moment we are on a burning aura to make some games so we tweak it against the mentor’s will.  It is good learning experience for the whole team. I have to admit that it is still buggy and do not except too much from programmer’s art, we tried our best 🙂 Thanks Daphne, Roger and ZhenXiang for their hard work. Really appreciate so much.

Game Introduction

You enter the game world as a Meccano Builder and receives a task that requires a certain object to clear it. In order to advance the level, you have to build the required vehicle or device. And so you will start off in the builder. Inside the builder, you choose and drag the Meccano parts out from the “toolbox area” and start joining them up. There is an interactive building feature here which is the manual screwing when you have to join two parts with a bolt. Once you have completed your vehicle or device, you click on the build icon and you will go back to the game world and control your newly created object to advance the level. View Trailer here. The sound can be disturbing. Hahaha!

Play it Here! Warning it takes some time to load as it is not optimize and it buggy!

Responsibility  : Draw Meccano parts in photoshop, code the builder and some levels in Unity3d.
Tool Used          : Photoshop and Unity3d
Language used : C#



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