Unity3d – Perplexity = A different kind of game

Perplexity – A different kind of game

This is one of my school year 3 assignment. Together with the team from scuffling of idea, modelling and animating the characters/objects in LightWave and coding and borrow animation for dummies book from my sister to learn about character animation…so noob. I have a blast making this game and a little fun using Google docs! Thanks to Chalit,  JW, Daphne and ZX for making this possible. Best team EVER!

Game Introduction

Perplexity is a unique puzzle game that introduces the player to the idea of shifting an orthogonal camera about the current scene to advance forward in the level. Doing this allows the player to view new possible paths of advancing, as traversal elements in the level will fall into place depending on the camera angle, which can rotate about in 90 degree segments. The game world is also presented in a futuristic world rendered in lush 3D backgrounds and visuals. View Trailer here. Do it at your own RISK! Joking! haha just click on it.

Play it Here!

Responsibility  : Animate the character in Lightwave, integrate models from Lightwave to Unity3d and wrote the character controller code in Unity3d.
Tool Used          : Lightwave and Unity3d
Language used : C#

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled


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