Corona SDK – Gorilla Frenzy on Appstore

Gorilla Frenzy is Available on Appstore now!

Gorilla Frenzy is a simple and addictive 2D iOS game that I collaborate with Mojo Forest when I am first year in university of Wollongong. It is hell fun and my first game development project. Learnt lot of game development technique from funny people in Mojo Forest; generating and optimising sprite sheets, writing a proper game loop, saving a game, writing timer, object transition and etc.

Really enjoy working with Morby, Zihao and JianFei, they cracked lots of joke in the development process…haha! Thanks Mojo Forest for giving me this opportunity. They make other great games too, 2Fuse and Clink, take a look at their site.

Game Introduction

Simply wait for the gorilla to charge. Tap on the screen to unleash a head-butt from the gorilla. The gorilla will use his BIG HEAD to knock on the trees and fruit will rain down from the trees. Collect all the fruits for high score! Simple? Yah! Who does not get this? Hahaha!

Get it Free on AppStore now!

Responsibility  : Code everything.
Tool Used          : Corona SDK
Language used : Lua



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